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Thread: Marcie interviews Music Network- a place for Artists

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    Marcie interviews Music Network- a place for Artists

    "There are so many established artists in the scene that I respect and admire, but I know that for every artist who makes it 'big', there are countless aspiring artists trying to share their work. We all deserve to be heard! I've been fortunate over the years to be able to benefit from the internet in ways that have allowed me to connect with many talented people I might not have come across any other way. Nowadays, there are so many social networks, that it can really be confusing to figure out how to use the web effectively for networking, promotion, and discovery. I feel like myspace is not as strong as it used to be as it's saturated with more artists than fans, and every post to me reads like an advertisement instead of a dialogue. Fortunately, there are great minds out there working to keep the internet a place for talents to connect and share productively.

    I had a chance to sit down with Chris Zammit Dimech, a founder of Music Network, and he gave me the run down about this rapidly growing site."

    Full Interview Here :
    Marcie Speaks: Marcie interviews Music Network- a place for Artists

    Full Archives of Marcies Presents "Behind The Lyric"
    Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha

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