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Thread: A State of Trance

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    A State of Trance

    Hi i was wondering does anyone know of any websites where i can download the full ASOT epsiodes. Thanks i would appreciate that.

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    Weekly Essentials - Mondays 7pm Eastern

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    u can also check out Trance Fix - Your #1 trance resource as well
    My mixcloud page ;) aka DJ Zenthetix ^^

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    Oh do I have a surprise for you:

    to your right you shall see a list of all electronic artists, pick Armin, and you will find a page of him with all his ASOT episodes ready for download.

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    yes i see thank you

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    YOU HAVE BEEN Listening to A STATE OF TRANCE....WITH ARMIN VAN BUUREN (you know the robot guy lolzzzzz) no i wasn't yeling i just had to get that out...and btw whats wrong with the all caps i never put it with yelling but weirdly other people do?? so weird dude!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyflux View Post
    Thank you for this link! I'm finding massive sets on this site. Loves it!!!
    ~*You don't need antidepressants...just turn the MuSiC up louder!*~

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