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Thread: John Askew - Rediscovered

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    John Askew - Rediscovered

    Label: Discover
    Genre: Electronic
    Released: Apr-2010
    Source: Album
    Style: Trance / Progressive

    The wonderful news came from the label Discover. Since the previous release John Askew has been almost two years, so John decided that it would be nice to update their discography release. They will be a remix album titled Rediscovered. However, this release will not only normal Remixed-version of his album "Z List Uber Star". In his will, and many earlier tracks John'a new treatments.
    Click trance sound Askew in recent years has brought him great success both in his homeland (the UK), and in many other countries. Above her interpretation of his style bothered John'om most respected producers, among them Simon Patterson, Activa, Bryan Kearney, Adam Foley, and Thomas Datt. Tracklisting is indeed impressive: the two disks will include as many as 25 tracks, most of which are completely new.

    01. The Door (Activa Remix)
    02. Bored Of You, Bored Of Me (Gary Maguire Remix)
    03. All Or Nothing (Haris C Remix)
    04. Homesick (Reorder Deep Mix)
    05. Vandalism (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
    06. Battery Acid (Bryan Kearney Remix)
    07. Z List Uber Star (Reakey Remix)
    08. Nail Gun (Greg Downey Remix)
    09. Fade To Black (Sean Tyas Remix)
    10. Black Out (Simon Patterson Remix)
    11. Giving You Acid (Sly One Vs Jurrane Remix)
    12. Misfit (Adam Foley Remix)
    13. Slaves To The Machine (Liam Melly Remix)
    14. Chime (Ehren Stowers Remix)
    15. Spike (Tom Colontonio Remix)
    16. How Can I Put This (Fabio Stein Remix)
    17. **** Private Ryan (Paul Webster Remix)
    18. The Door (Genix Remix)
    19. Thumb It In (Sensorica Remix)
    20. Vellum (Johan Ekman Remix)
    21. Bad Apple (Gate 42 Remix)
    22. This & Then (Peetu S Remix)
    23. Blue (Bissen Remix)
    24. Beirut (Thomas Datt Remix)
    25. Beirut (Original Mix)

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    great album

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    oh looks very nice indeed

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    ASKEW FTW!!!

    can't wait

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    it will be awesome
    "All power to the dinos" - Bjerre

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