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Thread: Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 11 - Jaren & More !!

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    Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 11 - Jaren & More !!

    Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 11
    Featuring: Marcie, Jaren, Claud9, Molly Bancroft, Alex Kenji, Rowetta, Jennifer Carbonell, and Sue Cho.


    Download Marcie_Presents_Behind_The_Lyric_Episode_11.mp3 from - send big files the easy way
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    Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha
    behind the lyric 11 with Marcie | Mugasha

    Track list

    01- Mr Sam- Cynes feat. Claud 9 (Original Mix)
    02- Yamin feat. Marcie- Forward Motion (Original Mix)
    03- Gianluca Motta feat. Molly- Not Alone (Deadmau5 Edit)
    04- Alex Kenji- A lot of (Original Mix)
    05- Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren- Unforgiveable (First State Rough Mix)
    06- D:folt feat. Marcie- This Is Me (Original Mix)
    07- Loverush UK feat. Molly Bancroft- Fountains of Youth (Damien S. Remix)
    08- Sweet Mercy- Reach Out feat. Rowetta (Mobin Master Vocal Remix)
    09- Jennifer Carbonell- Broken Pieces
    10- Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho- Everything I

    (Host: Marcie; Engineered by: Garth Ivan)

    Here is a glimpse into what you will hear in Episode 11:

    Claud9 tells the story behind the hit, "Cygnes", a track that has been a source of much curiousity. * The part human, part computer sounding vocal was inspired by the Swan Lake Ballet. *

    Marcie says "Forward Motion" was written as a concept piece to explore the meaning behind a reverse vocal in electronica. *It became a lyric that emphasizes the importance of making the most of our time, and moving forward without regret. * "This Is Me" is an uplifting tune with a vocal that came from an angry, exhausted place. *Marcie speaks of the pressure and frustration that inspired the aggressive metaphors in the lyrics. *The lyrics are also about those in society who are victims of the power trips of others.

    Molly Bancroft speaks of "Not Alone". *The music made her feel melancholic, but the lyric is hopeful, and from the viewpoint of someone who is desiring another. *"Fountains of Youth" was a song that Molly wrote in one night, while walking along the coast of Lake Michigan. *The lyrics reflect her feeling that we are all one with nature.

    The Producer Spotlight for the Episode focuses on Alex Kenji. *He describes the #1 Beatport charting Latino tech house track, 'A lot of'. *Kenji talks of the editing process, the percussive and brass elements, and the happiness in his life that inspired the track. *

    Former X-Factor finalist, Rowetta, speaks of her #1 Beatport hit, 'Reach Out'. *The vocal was written to be a strong and well recognized hook. *It has been sampled many times over the years, most recently by Mobin Master.

    Jennifer Carbonell reveals that "Broken Pieces" is about recognizing when a relationship is good, and not mentally twisting a situation to the point where doubt takes over and ruins the possibility of true love.

    Sue Cho says the inspiration for "Everything I" came at a time when she felt doubtful of her own abilities. *She realized that her bitterness and discouragement was inhibiting her own creative flow. *Writing the song helped her realize that her efforts would pay off in the end.


    Are there any Artists with whom you wish you could sit down, and as their track plays, ask them to speak of the story behind their music? *Now there is a radio show that brings this dream close to reality.

    "Behind The Lyric" is a new broadcast produced by International Major Label Artist, Marcie. * The show is *dedicated to giving a conversational touch to the vocals in Electronic dance music. Marcie asked some well known Singer/Songwriters in the EDM scene to speak freely about the meaning behind the lyrics of their own tunes.

    "Behind The Lyric- Episode Ten" features a stellar cast of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories. *The spoken words of Marcie, Jaren, Claud9, Molly Bancroft, Jennifer Carbonell, Rowetta, Alex Kenji, and Rowetta are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music.

    You can hear 'Behind The Lyric on various internet and FM stations worldwide.

    Future episodes in progress, and will feature incredible Artists with more riveting looks behind the lyric. *

    More info: *Marcie- Top 10 on UK Club Chart on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads.
    * * * * * * * * * MySpace - Marcie presents Behind The Lyric- DI.FM March 12th - 28 - Female - BRIGHTON, Massachusetts -

    Related News:

    * - Win Your Chance on "Behind The Lyric" !!

    Trance Podium - Marcie competition!
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