The World Is Dying Episode 001 Mixed by Stamm
Duration: 1:16:09
Genre: Trance, Uplifting, Progressive, Melodic Trance
BitRate: 320kbps
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Only Listen: The World Is Dying Episode 001 Mixed by Stamm by Stamm - Let's mix

Track List:
Artist - Title - label
01 - John Dopping - The Mind (activa remix) - (Digital Society Recordings)
02 - Alex Robert - Ethanol - (Unearthed Records)
03 - C-Mo - The World Is Dying (last hope cut) - (
04 - Darren Tate - Tokyo - (Mondo Records)
05 - Paul Trainer - Elusive (original) - (A State Of Trance - Armada)
06 - Abraham Leoga - Stability (trance arts remix) - (Crystal Source Recordings)
07 - Des Mcmahon - Wolf Pack - (WA-X Records)
08 - Adam Foley pres. Advanced - Live (original mix) - (Raw Sessions Recordings)
09 - David Forbes meets William Daniel - Devils Theory (tnr remix) - (Tetsuo)
10 - John O'Callaghan - Broken (original) - (Armada)
11 - Ebj - No Matter What (gebriellbrothers remix) - (Cuepoint Records)
12 - Dmitry Ference feat Alexander Bobkov - Out There (wonderful feeling and mtc remix) - (Elliptical Recordings)
13 - Dash Berlin - Waiting - (
Aropa Records)

Hi everyone and a special shout-out to my #trancefamily, <3 you guys. Today I have a very special mix as it is the first of a series of mixes. As the title suggests, the name of this series is "The World is Dying" and is mixed by a DJ who goes by the name: Stamm. You may have noticed that I have featured another brilliant mix from DJ Stamm about a week ago in episode 56.

Before I attempt to describe episode one of The World is Dying let me introduce DJ Stamm to you.

DJ Stamm (Dusan Stamatovic) is a DJ and music producer from Kotor, a small town in the south of Montenegro. He is currently studying sound design and music production. What I really like about DJ Stamm is that he is trying to introduce Trance Music to Montenegro due to the small number of people who actually listen to Trance there.

Now, how do I describe this trance mix? Well its got that feeling of real trance, like, kinda oldschool but also newschool. You just have to listen to it I suppose, it's a mix of trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance, and melodic trance. One of my favourite tracks in this mix is C-Mo - The World Is Dying (last hope cut), it's absolutely beautiful and oh so truthful because we have been taking our home for granted for far too long now.

So here's to our world and the wonderful trance that lies within... Ladies and Gentlemen.... without further adue.. I would like to present to you... The World is Dying Episode 001 by DJ Stamm......
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