just want to let you know that my latest track called A New Day has been released this week.

A New Day | Ian Buff & Franky Faith | Connective Sounds | Single | Download | Audiojelly.com

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Review from Dimitri Kechagias:

1- Ian Buff Uplifting Mix [9/10]
2-Franky Faith Tribal Edit [8/10]

“For Connective Sounds' fifth release label owner Ian Buff teamed up with Franky Faith.
After writing the melody together in their studio both of them made their own interpretation of it. The track is written & produced by Florian Burzlaff & Dennis Schneider.”

Dimitri:” A New Day” is another stand out release for Connective Sounds. Ian & Franky produced two very strong versions targeted for different times of any dj set that has variety and a lot of surprises. The origina mix has immense drive and is really euphoric particularly when on the first small break the manic break beat comes in and the synthy lead appears to reminds us the J. Michel Jarr classic electronic compositions. The main long break as you can expect is full of strong synths, the piano playing the main melody and the appearance of that synthy lead that along with the clever use of a huge drum roll the track moves on to the main part that is floating and mind absorbing too. Franky goes the tech trance direction with stomping tribal tech trance beat that takes a rest in the break that instead of the piano a really catsy short rock guitar riff is used and then the pumpy beats comes in to finish off the track. I would expect the guitar melody to come in again in the main part and I’m sure that will be perfect to push people to the next level. Strong release that can be an effective weapon.