This is our first compilation. Release special for the anniversary of our label.

01. Perception of sound - Morning in Moscow
02. Dancaless - Orange
03. Alejandro R - Demonic Essence
04. Magnetic Brothers - One Night
05. Evgeny Vaga - Sweet
06. Jimmy Roqsta - The Sentimental Buddha
07. Teana & Tiida - Good Afternoon
08. Ruslan Holod - Cerulean City
09. Deep Sound - Crank
10. Gleb DV - Questions
11. Sergey Shemet - Last Day Before

Some feedbacks and reactions:

Anton Sheridan: Excellent compilation! I would like to mention a few tracks: Teana & Tiida "Good Afternoon" and Deep Sound "Crank"....Very Nice

Peres: Nice tracks .Good V.A.Support

Mike Hiratzka: Nice techy groove for early sets

Djclubbersdream: Beautiful collection of progressive house, will play

s007ii: Nice tracks

Dj Dave Carden: Great compilation. A feast of fine tracks from a great label.

Gandini & Liagre: Great compilation

Pascal B: One of the better comps coming out just now. And one of the better labels. Quality.

Mert Onat: Good package

Alan Johnas: Nice package

Dan Southward: I love every single track on this release!! Expect full support on this one

Eryo: Good package progressive and tech sounds

Alejandro R “Demonic Essence” - Magnetic United (and associated artist) have been laying the smack down as of late. Keep it up!
Ruslan Holod “Cerulean City” - I ain\\\'t going to lie, I like to keep some trance around for a rainy day. Add this one to my list.
Evgeny Vaga “Sweet“ - I really dig this track, it makes me happy.
Perception of sound “Morning in Moscow” - Lovin it

Karlos M.:
Dancaless “Orange” - Nice progressive
Perception of sound “Morning in Moscow” - Nice Housy Shit..

Jimmy Roqsta “The Sentimental Buddha” - Good track!

Pure People Progressive Blog:
Teana & Tiida “Good Afternoon” - Great proggy sound, will definitly play this one!
Gleb DV “Questions” - Nice progressive, sweet synths. Will def. try it out!

Dingle (Metadeko):
Dancaless “Orange” - Solid grooves
Perception Of Sound “Morning in Moscow” – Solid

Perception Of Sound “Morning in Moscow” – NICE!!! 10 \ 10

Joe Sweeney:
These are the tracks i liked the best. really great release here. congrats.
Deep Sound “Crank”, Evgeny Vaga “Sweet”, Perception Of Sound “Morning in Moscow”, Gleb DV “Questions”, Ruslan Holod “Cerulean City”, Sergey Shemet “Last Day Before” - 9/10 overall, very good

Kaspar Kochker:
Perception Of Sound “Morning in Moscow” - I have never been in Moscow, but this deep feeling is great in your track. Love deep sounds & emotions. Great stuff!!!!

George G.
Evgeny Vaga "Sweet" - Nice and happy tune