Hey folks,

Been meaning to actually upload this one for a while but I'll put it down to sheer lazyness that I haven't lol It was my remix for the timewave zero remix comp but nothing ever came of it. I sent it out to a few people and I was lucky enough to get some sweet support on it that as always I can't say thanks enough for. The remix received support from Vicky Devine, Suzy Solar & was supported by the mighty Eddie Halliwell on episode 24 of his Fire It Up radio show, Ummet himself liked it but said it needed a bit more variation than using the main lead when it kicks in after the breakdown which I can agree with, but having loved the original I wanted to make use of it but still put my own spin on things. Anyways download links below and again thanks in advance for taking the time too check it out

Ummet Ozcan - Timewave Zero (Liquid Vision Remix).mp3

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Martin - Liquid Vision