"Behind The Lyric- Episode Nine" features a stellar cast of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories. *The spoken words of Marcie, Julie Thompson, Chris Jones, TyDi, Zara Taylor, and Janice Kephart are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music.

Track list

01- D:FOLT feat. Marcie- I Come Running (TyDi Remix) (Armada)
02- TyDi- Russia (Melodic Mix) (Coldharbour)
03- TyDi feat. Keisha- Closer Than My Breath (Ava)
04- Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson- These Shoulders (Anjunabeats)
05- Janice Kephart - Rain Dance (Trip Poetry LLC)
06- DJ Shah feat. Zara Taylor- Lost (Shah Music)
07- Whiteliner feat. Marcie- Come Back To Me (Groovegut)
08- Tiesto feat. Julie Thompson- Do You Feel Me (S2 Records)
09- Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones- Going Wrong (Armada Music)

behind the lyric 09 with Marcie | Mugasha Tune In !!
Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha

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