PD002 Joel Gershom 'Purple Sunset'
1. Original Mix
2. Deep Mix
3. Castra & Sovve Remix

Review from Dmitri Kechagias
Perceptive’s deeper sister label open its doors to Joel Gershom for another prog trance style track that will stand out from the rest of the thousands of releases that flooding each week all the online digital stores. If you look to include in your forthcoming dj set a track that has a distinctive melody and sound texture don’t go any further than this great release. The Original mix is the more energetic, pumping, driving version that particularly in the break the melodies will transfer you instantly to a place that you can check out the most unforgettable Purple Sunset of your lifetime. If we guess that this particular Sunset was his source of inspiration certainly within his track, he manages to capture the feelings that this sunset creates to all of us. Deep mix as the name suggests takes the track deep down with a groovy tribalish kind of beat that reminds me the “Planisphere” tracks on Bonzai. All the codes and conventions of the prog deep genre are in here but with such a class that this remix will stay at the top of your ipod playlist for weeks. My favorite version though comes from the hands of Castra & Sovve. This duo is unbelievable how they can turn anything into their own fat deep bass version that is so melodic and absorbing that you don’t feel bored even for a moment. They even introduce their own melancholic wishful lead that really adds another new dimension on the original track. Top package from a new label that is here to stay!

Original Mix
YouTube - Joel Gershom - Purple Sunset (Original Mix) [Perceptive Deep]

Deep Mix
YouTube - Joel Gershom - Purple Sunset (Deep Mix) [Perceptive Deep]

Castra & Sovve Remix
YouTube - Joel Gershom - Purple Sunset (Castra & Sovve Remix) [Perceptive Deep]


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General Release: 26/4/10
Support list:

Andy Moor, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E., Ashley Wallbridge, Daniel Kandi, Dj Eco, Manuel Le Saux, Andy Tau, Ankhen, Arctic Moon, Cylum & Velden, Dallaz Project, Sequentia, Danny Powers, Digital Nature, Dima Krasnik, Dimitri Kechagias, Estigma, Estiva, Gorm Sørensen, Ilya Soloviev, Jason van Wyk, JP Bates, Jurrane, Karybde & Scylla, Michael Angelo, Oceania, Redstar, ReOrder, Simon Bostock, Suncatcher, Tenthu, The Viceroy, Timo Pralle, Addex and many more!

Daniel Kandi "Lovely. Deep. Emotional. True stuff!"
Estiva "Love the emotion in the (Castra & Sovve) remix!!"
Ankhen "Deep Mix is amazing!"
Suncatcher "Very lush deep sounds! Great job! Original is the best for me, but the other mixes are top notch as well!"
Andy Tau "Another top package, I think the Deep Mix gets my vote."