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Mirabilis Records has reached its tenth release with a killer tune from Ran Shani!
"Classics" is in our honest opinion Ran's best work to date and we are truly proud he signed it to Mirabilis!
We are bringing this house anthem to you with a stunning pack of remixes ranging from the deep house end to full on peaktime prog tech from some of the finest producers around.
Ran's original mix is a summer vibe house track with a clever groove, warm bassline, a fantastic little arpeggio line, really catch synth & chord riffs; and to round things off there is the piano hook! This is set to be an essential tune for the forthcoming spring and summer!
This comes also in a radio friendly edit courtesy of Ran himself.
Sebastian Davidson strips the track down into deep house territories with his classic trademark sound. Warm chords riffs, little piano lines and a little vocal loop make this a must for the deep house heads!
Label headhonchos Alex & Filip turn this track into a complete new dimension - a mixture of techno and prog that will go down well on the bigger floors but also in the darker rooms! A some sort of "summer techno" thing
Danish house don Tim Andresen has added some tribalish beats, cleverly used the orginal parts and turned out a monstrous housier remix.
Last but not least - that's for sure: Iffy of the "Nomad in the dark" fame teams up with friends Lucas Ledford and Robert Johnson to bring us their new project: In Plain Sight.Their remix is all about the throbbing bassline and the locked groove, while the breakdowns bring back the houseier elements of the original.
The whole pack is indeed worth of your attention! Just head up for your version on this future anthem!


Sasha c/o Paul Sidoli: Love orig & NITD mixes Pls send wavs of Orig asap for Miami 4/5

Eddie Halliwell (A&R): Passing on to Eddie (played in Fireitup radio show 39) 4/5

Mark Knight c/o Wesley S: FULL SUPPORT 5/5, Toolroom knights radio show playlisted!

Nick Warren: very good 4/5

Graeme Park: A mighty, mighty tune. I love it! It's making me smile so much ahead of my morning run that I'll have to get it on my iPod proto! 4/5

Desyn Masiello (sos): classics is very nice for a melodic summer vibe... thanks will support love desyn 4/5

Paolo Mojo: proper feelgood stuff. love it! 5/5 CLASSICS has been my tune for the WMC!

Eelke Kleijn: loving this! 5/5

Axwell: will check it out

Jody Wisternoff: Original is very nice! ...its a biggie. played it every gig! it really rocks. thanks!

King Unique: Alex & Filip remix is solid stuff.

Fergie: Alex & Filip remix is nice.

Max Vangelli: in plain sight remix is tight! Will test it out.

Spektre: Alex & FIlip rmeix is a nice rolling techno groove!

Andi Durrant / Riley & Durrant: Downloaded!

Joel Armstrong: Loving the Davidson Remix 4/5

Dean Newton: What a cracker, FULL supprt!!!! original and Andresen mix for me please! 5/5

Tim Richards: without question the S Davidson remix, early doors, warm up, late night grroves, bar sets it cover them all

Tapesh: like the sebastian davidson remix !!! 3/5

Chloe Harris: its a great release. love it. lots to play 4/5

M.O.D.E.: Alex & Filip remix is cool 3/5

Ted Nilsson: great release

Tom Novy: loving the Andresen remix and Alex & Filip remix! 4/5

Egostereo (Renaissance/Global Underground/Audio Therapy): Loving this one. will play. Thanks for sending

Markus Schulz: very nice

Alex Kenji: nice release, Alex & Filip remix is my fave.

Francis Preve: Really great package. Will support. 4/5

Flash Brothers: Original mix we like, cool stuuf! Will play! 4/5

Jim Shaft Ryan: very groovy 4/5

Jesse Voorn: The original one is rocking! 4/5

Peter Gelderblom: The original is great thx 4/5

Loco & Jam: Alex & Filip remix is dope!

Steve Parry: solid remix (Tim Andresen Remix) 4/5

Roog / Hardsoul: tim andressen mix for me..roog/hardsoul 4/5

Amin Golestan: lots of good remixes in here. Great package 5/5

Dumb Dan: love the original!!!! 5/5

Stafford Brothers (Australia) - Original is our pick but also will play the alex and filip remix.

Nitzan (Fine Art Recordings) - Amazing release!

Miss Nine: nice package! Original & Tim Andresen mix 5/5

Andy Newland: awesome release - hard to pick a favourite 3/5

Steve Haines: Excellent track and really good package but the Alex & Filip mix is the one for me 4/5

Bad Boy Bill: Download (Original Mix) 4/5

Sergio Matina: Alex & Filip Rmx is my prefered version... it's ******* insane & groovy... play & support it... 8/10!!! 4/5

Neil Moore: smooth bring on he summer 4/5

Mark Holmes : wicked package 4/5

Reza: sounds good 4/5

Hans Tavera: Original is the One! 5/5 Sebastian Davidson he really knows how to do deal with melody! 5/5 Alex & Filip Peak Bomb! 5/5 Tim Andresen 4/5 Nomad in the dark Remix,tasty mix 4/5

Matt Samuels: downloading x 3/5

D.Ramirez: Downloaded. Thank you!

Miniminds: loving this, perfect summer time package 4/5

Norman H: All over this In Plain Sight Remix and the Original are the standout mixes for me here.Alex & Filip mix is best for rocking out too. 4/5

Facundo Mohrr: BIG RELEASE! Original Mix & NITD are my fav! thanks! 5/5

Emilio Vega for Hermanez: BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 5/5

Simon.S: nice package! Love Sebastian Davidson work - definitly play it out! 3/5

IGNAS: Perfect package. Thumbs up guys! 5/5

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta: Woohoo! Very nice, Guyz! There are so many remixes. We pick Sebastian Davidson's veriosn for deep stes and In lan Sight remix for progressive
nights. Thanks for the promo, friends! 5/5

DJ Tarkan: Excellenet release, original and Davidson remixes are rocking, can't wait to play it!! 5/5

Chris MiMo: Loving Sebs mix! 3/5

Martin Thompson: Not sure of my fave mix, it's between Tim Andersen & The Plain sight remix. Cheers Boys

Ito: Love it!!

Aldrin: Wow! Fab diverse package. Full support! 5/5

Richie Hartness: Bumper package of mixes on Mirabilis's tenth release and it's a beauty - Classics has a catchy groove, sweet synths and hooks, beautifully constructed sounds

making for a rich warm vibe. Mixes from Sebastian Davidson, Alex and Filip, Tim Andresen and In Plain Sight Project make this an EP a rounded affair - from glorious deepness to

darker techno sounds and a few things in between. 4/5

Dibby Dougherty: Tim and Iffys mixes are off the hook, great great release lads 5/5

Dj Aleksij: Tim's remix sounds dope! 4/5

Kenneth Thomas: Another very smooth tune from Mirabilis. Love the funk and groove in the original. Nice remixes as well, Alex & Flip remix has some great energy. 4/5

Matt Black: In plain sight remix = massive! 4/5

Cozzy D: Original Mix is the one for me. Perfect for end of the night ;) 3/5

Jay Kaufman: This sounds like something Jody from Way Out West would play. I typically like Jody WOW's DJing, so I like this. Tim Andresen's mix is the best of the bunch in my

opinion. His old school approach has me hooked. Iffy's mix also goes wild. 4/5

Stuart Millar: cool tune thanks 3/5

Aga Heller: Solid beach sound, but nothing groundbreaking. 3/5

Leonardo Tou: really good vibes 3/5

Kastis Torrau: great tune!...shiny sound...will play it definitely. 5/5

DJ Paulette / Paulette Constable: original is a very deep. sexy warm up track - might even work for end of the night Tim Andresen pumps it up a notch but still keeps it deep. Original or Andresen are best.

Matthias Weber (Syke'n'Sugarstarr: Nice!!!

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