The Lost / The Found
Mat Zo

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1. The Lost
[YOUTUBE]YouTube - Mat Zo - The Lost (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]
2. The Found
[YOUTUBE]YouTube - Mat Zo -The Found (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]

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Few producers have revitalised the trance sound like Mat Zo in recent years and his latest Anjunabeats release is yet another reminder of his prodigious talents. An epic trance voyage in the most classic sense, ‘The Lost' will wrap you up in its dreamy, gently building groove and leave you defenceless to its euphoric waves of ethereal vocals, soaring melodies and washing pads.

A perfectly paced summer groove based on a cool electro bassline, ‘The Lost’ seems to unravel melodies and harmonies endlessly in its euphoric path — a future classic for sure. Mat Zo mixed disc 2 of the forthcoming Anjunabeats Worldwide 02 featuring 'The Lost', out on 10th May.

On the flip, 'The Found’ is a tougher, more driving affair thanks to its innovative, buzzing electro bassline and bubbling bleepy melodies. Coming from left of field, a melody-filled breakdown full of weird trippy euphoria then drops into more gnawing electro basslines before Zo works his magic melodies back in like only he can.