By All Means / So It Goes
Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer

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It would be something of an understatement to say that the last time Řistein and Andrew got together on a track it created quite a buzz of excitement, so if you thought To The Six was something special then you wont be able to wait to wrap your ears around By All Means.

Prepare to drift into dreamland once again as the silken female vocals, darting melodies and mesmeric, downtuned synths of the Original Mix take hold of your senses. The duo have also crafted a Club Mix, a patiently building rework that eventually unravels with a wave of brisk grooves.

The gentle yet hypnotic So It Goes completes the package with its ice cold soundscapes, spellbinding pianos and vocal cut-ups that give a subtle nod to those on the A-Side. If these two tracks are anything to go by, keep an eye out for Boom Jinxs debut artist album coming later this year!

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1. By All Means [Original Mix]
[YOUTUBE][url=[/url]YouTube - Mat Zo - The Lost (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]
2. By All Means [Club Mix]
[YOUTUBE]YouTube - Mat Zo -The Found (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]
3. So It Goes
[YOUTUBE]YouTube - Mat Zo -The Found (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]