"Behind The Lyric- Episode Seven" features a stellar cast of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories. The spoken words of Marcie, J. Scott G. of Deepsky, Cat n Bex of Zirenz, Michelle Richer, DJ Vicky Devine, Alessia K, and Ronny K are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music.

Track List:

Marco Torrance with Michelle Richer- The Road [Patrick Diessner remix]
D:Folt ft. Marcie- Red Forest (Original Mix) [System Recordings]
Summer Channel- A Thousand Miles (Original Album Version) [Libra Rising Music]
Aurosonic vs. Zirenz- You Fade Away (Original Mix) [Zirenz Media Records]
Utah Saints- Something Good (J. Scott G. & Anthony Ross' Something Gooder Remix) [Data Records]
Stefy NRG feat. Alessia Kay- Whisper [Blissco Records]
Tom Colontonio- The Insider (Ronny K and Anguilla Project Remix)
Eddie Sender feat. Marcie- Be Free (Original Mix) [Well Mixed Records]
Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix) [Grand Casino Records]

behind the lyric 08 with Marcie | Mugasha

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Here is a glimpse into what you will hear in Episode Seven:

Michelle Richer talks about the car accident that inspired her new track, '"The Road". She speaks of appreciating the chances life gives us, and the loved ones that keep us going.

Marcie speaks of the dream state imagery at the root of "Red Forest", a story of an entanglement of emotions. Writing 'Please Forgive' was a way to free herself from forces that imprison. It is also a plea for people to help one another.

J. Scott G. of Deepsky chronicles his musical evolution since retiring from Deepsky. "Thousand Miles" is about figuring out who one is through tribulations. He points out the guitar elements in his work, and why the future of Electronica is in the stadiums. Later, he describes how he ended up remixing the classic Utah Saints track, 'Something Good".

Cat n Bex of Zirenz speak about "Fade Away". They say the tune is based around the idea that pain and heartache fade away over time. They describe what goes into producing their distinctive vocal harmony sounds.

Ronny K speaks of the creative and collaborative process behind his original and remix work. He makes music for people to enjoy, and his inspiration comes from feeling the moment.

Alessia Kay shares how her inner voice compelled her to write "Whisper". She says an artists life is not easy, and she relies on her inner strengths to carry her through tough times. She says as she has gotten older, she has found it easier to see things from a peaceful point of view.

DJ Vicky Devine talks about the life of a touring International DJ, her residency in Ibiza, and her attachment to her vinyl collection.

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