1: Original Mix
2: Danilo Ercole Remix
3: Garry Heaney Remix

Connective Sounds continues it's schedule and presents you it's 6th release. It comes from dutchman Six Senses under his new project Factor Six which is a bit harder than his usual sound.
On remix duties are the well known artists Danilo Ercole (Armada) and Garry Heaney (Spinnin / Discover) who both deliver brilliant mixes.
Check it out!

Review from Dimitri Kechagias: Trance certainly is the music genre that is the most able to connect and glue together masses of unknown to each other people on the dancefloor. Connective sounds will provide exactly that with a fantastic new release from the very talented Six Senses with his new project Factor Six. The original is a full on uplifting trancer that is harder and really demanding with a light touch of tech trance too. Plenty of small breaks serve to introduce each time the new elements and the new powerful melodies too. The break is soothing, relaxing and sensual till the gigantic main riff comes in to prepare your audience for the firing and full on moment when the beat will return in a manic style. Certainly trance that reminds us the virtues of the early 2000 trance anthems. Danilo takes the prog trance direction that is wobbly and bubbly and most importantly does great use of the unforgettable melody. If you want a more slower sounding British trance style version that Garry Heaney is the man that you will satisfy your trance diet needs. Top package that will connect you with your audience.