Something Good
Solence / 1:28 AM / Cielo

Label: Nellie Recordings
Cat #: NELLIE048

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Otto Yliperttula and Karolus Viitala were last spotted on Nellie Recordings with their euphoria-drenched release, “La Biankini”. Taking their Nellie releases to a higher place, Team SG hands over heavenly delights to Nellie Recordings with this three-track EP!

Solence is the perfect set opener anyone can ever ask for! With its soulful and enlightening saxophone melodies and with the help of the rejuvenating piano samples, Solence brings heaven just right next door!

Something Good follows up that feel-good vibe with their vanilla-bleached piece, 1:28 AM. Brought together by crisp synth-work and sedative atmosphere, this track effortlessly brings the good vibes together.

The ever-glorious and the very captivating Cielo completes the experience! Bringing the EP to a close, Cielo, and its gracious piano climax would simply leave you wanting more.

From Helsinki with solace, Something Good continues to live up to their name as heard in this enchanting release!