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Thread: Help us get Gabriel & Dresden back to the dance floor!

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    Smile Help us get Gabriel & Dresden back to the dance floor!

    Hello everybody!

    I've started a project today with some friends.

    We are collecting signatures to bring Gabriel & Dresden back to the dance floor!

    Help us joining this facebook group:

    Gabriel & Dresden Back Together | Facebook

    Let's do it!!!!!


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    Help us inviting your friends also :D

    And if some of you post on other music forums help us spread the words!!


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    I doubt they will get together again After all it's Dresden & Johnson now or whatever..
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    They wont get back together. Josh went single and Dave now produces with Mikael Johnston. They are working on getting their single "That Day" out and an album hopefully pretty soon. Josh is working on an album too. Check out the Tritonal and Myon & Shane 54 remixes of "That Day" by Dresden and Johnston.. but they really don't come near the original. It should be released later this summer. If your a G&D fan you will love it.

    Check out their podcast too.

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    To all who said it was impossible.... There you go

    Enjoy them again

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