Release Description

Occulta Records derives its name from the latin word 'Occultus' which has various meanings such as hidden, secret and referring to the knowledge of
the hidden. For most parts it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.
It is a brand new progressive trance and techno label based out of South India. The music featured on this label will be a culmination of
deep-hypnotic night time rhythms and intelligent patterns to funky, groovy and smooth morning sounds.And it is with great pleasure, we introduce
to you our debut compilaton, aptly titled ,

V.A Occulta Vision
Researchers :
1. Grouch
2. Kino Oko (Onionbrain RmX)
3. Sensient
4. Braindrop
5. Triphonic
6. S-Range
7. Zyce and Flegma
8. Sattel Light

More info on full tracklist, cover and samples soon!

Website :

We are always looking for fresh and innovative talent. To send us your demo please forward them to with a bitrate no
lesser than 320 kbps.