Feedback - Pacific Ocean

Chirping birds, rushing water, rain, thunderstorms, traffic noise ... All this and more can be found in Feedback's world, mixed with electronic sounds, sometimes deeply vibrating rhythms, gentle percussion, story telling melodies. It is an inspiring walk through desert sand, shallow water at the shore, sometimes a pause with a view from a window in a vast, fascinating world. Moods move from tense to calm, the scene is cleaned up once and hypnotically repetitive, sometimes full of changing details. The whole album is a promise for a voyage of discoveries. Also, it contains a very unusual 'event'; the eponymous track appears once again at the end of the album. But this version is a completely different genre; Trance! 'Pacific Ocean' in a progressive Zamani Armin Remix. So be careful if you dropped into very quiet depths of the previous music under headphones, here you will find yourself immediately in a totally different world!

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