Midnight In Angel (M.I.A.) RMX Compilation - David Leckenby feat. Barbara J. Hunt

An unusual mood suffuses the night as we step out, breathing the cool air, deep into our lungs. After the loud, wild, transcendent gig, it's time to make our way to the last train home. As we descend the escalator into Angel underground station, a world where the fates and fortunes of a million London travellers mingle, the poignant strains of MIA reverberate, as if off the walls: Barbara J. Hunt's fine-tuned, unmistakably English vocals soar, the five remixes lend the work a rich cohesion, a blend of shimmering trance-pads, progressive rhythms, driving bass lines and a killingly great hook. 45 minutes: one ingenious, catchy, trance compilation.

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