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Thread: Trance fans in the North West or anywhere in the UK

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    Trance fans in the North West or anywhere in the UK

    Hey Everybody

    Im a newbie to all this, only recently did i start listening to trance/house music.
    I went to Godskitchen in Birmingham on Saturday (1st May) and this was the best night ever. The atmosphere combined with the music was something iv never experienced before. Its left me itching to go to loads of different events, festivals and clubs.
    The problem is, is that my friends dont really like this music much, so im hoping to meet some new friends who I can mingle with and go to these kind of events or even just to chat about the music. I reckon i've got loads to catch up on haha

    I live near Liverpool, so meeting people from the North West would be kool but i dont mind travelling

    Hope to hear from you soon anyways

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    Hey, welcome to Laura!

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    Welcome Laura, Godskitchen run some pretty good nights in Birmingham, there is also Gatecrasher there too. Bit closer to home in Manchester you have the Garuda nights at Sankeys and Versatile nights (usually held in a pub/club with free entry). i think both of those are every 3 months or so.
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    Hi and

    If you fancy crossing the Pennines at any point you could head over to Digital Society in Leeds too, my favourite club night in the country! Their next event is also broadcast live on AH
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    Hello Laura welcome along

    If you click on the link below you will find a list of clubs by area in the Uk. Just click on the area you want go to and you will a find a detailed list of the clubs.

    Listings | Mixmag
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    Thanks guys :o)
    That mixmag link is ace, will deffo find that useful...

    is it easy to start speaking to people at these kind of events?? my mates dont like trance for some strange reason and they are adamant that they wont come with me.

    I've heard Leeds is meant to be one of the best for a night out so i will have to give Digital Society a go

    Thanks again peeps
    x x

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