Trance-Candies Episode III
The time has come! Around two and a half hours of trance music, from one end of the spectrum to the other... and beyond. Meaning, these recordings contain a rich influence from all those genres close to trance: electro, dance, chill. Resulting in, what we are delighted to describe as, a mixture both colourful and drippingly flavourful - something for every type of trancer: uplifting, progressive, balearic, chillout-trance, even a little psy-trance. A mouth-watering confection deriving from all corners of the globe, spiced with occasional ripples of local tradition. In total, a multi-national force of 29 producers, musicians and vocalists contributing their creativity to one glorious acoustic sugar rush after another, which you and your ears are about to savour. By the way, this treat will soon be available as a double-CD!The flavours for the aural adventure come from: Adam de Bliss, Truffaldino, SpaceLine, Feedback, Armin Zamani, CJ Device, David Leckenby feat. Barbara J. Hunt, RVM, Anavartrap, John B. Sky, Electric Loop feat. Lauren Moore, Gertz, CJ Prometey, OCEANIC, Maksim Palmaxs, Paul Minesweeper, Miss Contrast, Asminon Sound, O.L.D.F.I.X., Mosahar, PROYAL, Scotch and Grey, Rites of Loops, Century Seven, Martin Stich, xENO and ultimately SkyKeeper, after some 160 minutes of trance, with a last order served at a groovily moderate tempo.

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