*Featured in ASOT with Armin van Buuren*

Viktor Szabó aka Cloudriver is a producer from Hungary and has quite a diverse musical background. From watching music videos since a child to attending a school choir, and studying music for some time, he finally found a passion for electronic music from listening to the likes of Kyau & Albert, Armin Van Buuren, and Above & Beyond. He started mixing and experimenting with producing and after 2 years he now presents his first EP on Echelon's White imprint. Viktor's sound is rich with melodies and hypnotic harmonies with a lot of uplifting drive to keep things going.


1. Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Tomorrow starts the EP with an energetic drive and classic trance sound. A sonorous lead plays the main theme and develops upon a rolling bassline backed up by ripping riffs and smashing percussions. The breakdown unvails a longing piano melody which builds up with a lead accompaniment for an elevating second part.

2. Deep Sea (Original Mix)
The second track of the EP, Deep Sea, is a bit more progressive in its atmosphere. It begins with an immersive
intro which presents a melodic theme hook. The bassline sounds thick and lays a catchy groove for the sparkling melodies and pearly harmonies. The track breaks down into shiny pads and kicks off for a reprise of the first part with additional melodies to give more depth into the mix.


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