Call Of Loneliness (Mat Zo Remix) / Vanesse / Crafted
Reeves / Sunny Lax / Dan Stone

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Collecting some of the most classic moments from our recent ‘Anjunabeats Worldwide: 02’ compilation mixed by Super8 & Tab and Mat Zo, this diverse three-track sampler captures the different shades and emotions of modern trance perfectly.

First up, is Mat Zo’s remix of ‘Call Of Loneliness’ by New York trailblazer Reeves. Deep and emotional but bubbling with energy thanks to a punchy electro bassline that gives this seven-track journey its gentle lifts and rises, Zo’s rework takes a deeper, less obvious route to euphoria by building layers of reflective keys into an emphatic crescendo. Dropping back into a throbbing bassline, Zo then dissembles his melodic masterpiece before reconstructing his keys into a deep, emotion-loaded finale that is full of euphoric twists and turns - constantly catching the listener off guard.

On our second track, the consistently on-point Hungarian Sunny Lax continues our global journey with a more driving, pulse-quickening affair in ‘Vanesse’. Picking up the tempos and raising the energy levels with an insistent bassline and dancing bleep melodies, ‘Vanesse’ quickly inspires some heads-down 3am moments before gliding effortlessly into a sweeping, stadium-smashing breakdown that releases a climbing, titanic melody wave through its energised, deeply uplifting drop — piano keys and vocal calls soon adding to the epic, orchestral-sized euphoria.

Returning to one of the UK’s most promising trance talents, Dan Stone’s ‘Crafted’ rounds off an unbeatable three-track package in style. Built on a hypnotic rhythm that mixes up elements of tech-trance, electro and progressive, ‘Crafted’ gradually builds its rising, inter-locking melodies into an emphatic, euphoric and energy-filled climax through its sweeping, slow-release breakdown.

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1. Reeves "Call Of Loneliness (Mat Zo Remix)
2. Sunny Lax "Vanesse"
3. Dan Stone "Crafted"