The Red Force brand is one of the few labels out there along with Perceptive and Fenology, that rarely leaves me dissapointed. Always aiming for quality over quantity as well as not limiting themselves too much to one subgenre, as many digital labels tend to do. Amazing A&R skills which has resulted in strong original mixes and just the right remixers to bring the alternative versions. Newcomer "Driving Force" is delivering the title track. On the remix we have Sunny Lax back again on Red Force after his immense single debut on the label back in September 2009 (which I also had the pleasure to review). Second remixer, and I'm proud to present, is Forerunners aka. Brenden LaBonte. While my interest in trance isn't as great as it used to be, I can safely say that this guy delivered two of the best remixes within the uplifting trance category in the past two years (Later Summer Fields, Sensual Illusion). This package looks to be something special!

1. Original Mix
2. Sunny Lax Remix
3. Forerunners Remix


Original Mix
A fast-paced uplifter with quick, teasing melody hints. It breaks out in an Anjuna'ish breakdown with an interesting lead line. It's absolute full throttle from the get-go and seems like a must have for the uplifting lover!

Sunny Lax Remix
Sunny adds his unique touch to "Through The Years"; the bassline has much more presence in his mix and he draws out the melody in an interesting way. This mix has such a lovely drive, flow and Sunny manages to bring out flavours that wasn't as clear in the original mix.

Forerunners Remix
Brendan opens his remix with a very cinematic and epic intro. A sort of vibratic and hypnoticing sound keeps getting closer and as the kick drum enters you can feel the percussion opening up as well. The snare drum is then slammed in and then the different basslines, choirs and subtle melodic lines comes to play. It's all done in a very careful, thoughtful and dramatic way. Some might feel that the build-up is too slow but I feel drawn to it. No big stadium supersaw leads, just smooth underlying melodies and a great phat atmosphere.

A strong original but with two remixes that without a doubt stand out!

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