PLN046 Gaiatech - String Dance - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN046
Date Release: 2010.05.20
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: Gaiatech
Maxi Single: String Dance
Country: Italia
Genres: Psy Trance - Full on

Track Name:
1 String Dance 07:13
2 Oriental Machines 08:03
3 Mystical Elf 07:45
4 New Years Wave 07:43
5 Find Your Mind (Live Version) 06:44

All tracks are written and produced by Simone Mecozzi aka Meko DJ and Paolo Nofi at Gaiatech studio - Rome, ITALY Recorded during our performance at Reloaded Festival 2009 - Italy

Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

The Gaiatech project was founded in 2004 by S. Mecozzi aka Meko Dj and Sismic, and is Rome based. The name Gaiatech comes from a mix between life and nature, connected with technology: Gaia is the name of mother Earth, and Tech is linked to passion for technology, in this case for electronic music production. Playing in some big european and brasilian events, Gaiatech style is a sunrise or sunset psy, fullon Goa-trance, which makes people around the globe dance! From January 2010, Meko DJ has taken over this project. He is now managing Gaiatech directly and producing new tunes.

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