PLN050 Dharma Project - Crisi di Nervi - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN050
Date Release: 2010.05.20
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: Dharma Project
Maxi Single: Crisi di Nervi
Country: Italy
Genres: Dark Trance

Track Name:

1 Crisi di Nervi 05:34
2 Flak 07:07
3 Escape Here 09:05
4 Extremely Sorry 06:00

All tracks are unreleased.
Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

Dharma Project is Luca and Luca is Dharma Project.He was born in 1990. He started producing minimal house teached by baba araund 2007. Produced minimal, tek and in the end of 2008 started producing his firsts psy track. He fell in love with Dark Trance and Psy Trance and find there his way. In 2009 he started working like dj and organized his firsts parties electro/goa with Emmedi, not an exit, and baba then in the same time work to some goa parties helped from Yoda Dj. Thanks to this parties luca starts known people and the world of goa.

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