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Thread: 2 New original trance tracks!

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    2 New original trance tracks!

    Hey guys,

    Heres a link to my soundcloud account which ive uploaded my trance tracks to!

    Dee-C-DaveCurtis - Tracks - SoundCloud

    Love to hear what you think!

    Dee C (Dave)

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    ill be honest, first track was alright but the second track is wicked sick! just gotta love the piano @ trance <3

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    Thanks for sharing, Dave. Very nice! Both have excellent intros.

    Horizon has a cool bass line, nice use of 10ths and synth work (the fast synth lead made me imagine a race car video game, lol!)

    Taurus has a very nice extended middle section with the mellow piano, and then right as you are being lulled into oblivion it shifts into overdrive!

    Keep up the great work!

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    They're pretty awesome! they have something that many current trance tracks, whether produced by famous people or upcoming producers, lack:


    I would like to ask you to send me the WAV's, I would really appreciate that, if you send them I will surely spin them in coming mixes, being broadcast on a local radio station and having over 100 listeners on soundcloud. It may not be that much but the listeners are from every part of the world!

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