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Thread: Enhanced Sessions Vol. Two (by Tritonal & Ferry Tayle)

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    Enhanced Sessions Vol. Two (by Tritonal & Ferry Tayle)

    Enhanced Sessions Volume Two - Mixed by Tritonal and Ferry Tayle

    Released July 19th 2010

    One of the highlights of summer 2009 for Enhanced was the release of Enhanced Sessions Volume One mixed by label stars Temple One and Estiva. Now it’s the turn of the on fire Frenchman, Ferry Tayle and The USA’s hottest trance duo Tritonal to take on the baton as they serve up the eagerly anticipated second edition of Enhanced Sessions this July.

    Tritonal have seen a meteoric rise to fame in the last 24 months, narrowly missing out on a DJ Mag Top 100 place in 2009, and are odds on favourites to bank themselves a position in the chart this time around. With an army of dedicated fans in their own country which has seen them play in virtually every major city coast to coast, and international gigs spanning all continents, the duo with the midas touch in the studio have shown they’re more than capable of rocking 10,000 people strong events.

    With tracks and remixes supported by every major DJ, Tritonal have chalked up a staggering release rate with their futuristic sound, outstanding collaborations with Cristina Soto, and the straight up club smashers such as Utopia on Enhanced this year. 2010 also see’s the duo launch their new label, Air Up There Recordings, under the Enhanced umbrella, and debut artist album this autumn.

    France’s No 1 trance export Ferry Tayle is another DJ/producer on everybody’s lips, having delivered two of the biggest releases in the past 12 months, L’Acrobat and Trapeze, as well as appearing at the world’s biggest trance events, notably Trance Energy this year.

    Famed for his euphoric productions and DJ sets, Ferry, like Tritonal is a showman at heart and his stadium rocking and charismatic performances have seen his worldwide appeal grow, as have his remixes for some of the biggest labels going and his huge global radio show, Flightbook. Also beavering away in the studio on his next artist album, packed with some almighty collaborations, 2010 looks to be the biggest year yet for France's trance ambassador.

    Like any Enhanced CD, this release comes packed with way above the average amount of exclusives from the men at the controls themselves, and their fellow Enhanced label mates (that's 17 in total!), showing off 2009's 'label story of the year's' (DJ Mag) summer releases. With unheard,

    unreleased tracks from the likes of Tritonal, Ferry Tayle, Daniel Kandi, Sequentia, Estiva, Vast Vision feat. Fisher, Roger Shah and Temple One, along with some of this year’s biggest tracks from Kyau & Albert, Mat Zo, Armin van Buuren and Midway, this is a scorching tracklist for the summer!


    CD One - Tritonal
    1. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Forgive Me, Forget You (Tritonal Triple Mashup)
    2. Super 8 & Tab feat. Anton Sonin - Black is the New Yellow (Original Mix)
    3. Estiva - Ruckerduck (Original Mix)
    4. Kyau & Albert - Once In A Life (Club Mix)
    5. Sequentia - Make Believe (Original Mix)
    6. Mike Sonar & Solis - Firenova (Tritonal Air Up There Mix)
    7. Right Face - Morning Dew (Original Mix)
    8. Nadia Ali - Fantasy (Tritonal Air Up There Mix)
    9. Sequentia vs. Static Blue - Sacrifice (Dan Stone Remix)
    10. Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha - Sticks and Stones (Original Mix)
    11. Sophie Sugar vs. Sunlounger - Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
    12. 7 Skies & Kiholm - Lost & Found (Dan Stone Remix)
    13. Tritonal - Driftoff (Original Mix)
    14. Sebastian Brandt - 450 (Original Mix)
    15. Einar K - Schipol (Tritonal Air Up There Mix)
    16. Midway - What If (Original Mix)

    CD Two - Ferry Tayle
    1. Capetown - Apollo 13 (Ferry Tayle 'Neverending Story' Mix)
    2. Vast Vision feat. Fisher - Behind Your Smile (Original Mix)
    3. Angel Ace - St Thomas (Stonevalley Remix)
    4. Temple One feat. Hannah Ray - Autumn Leaves (DNS Project Whiteglow Remix)
    5. The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Supreme (Daniel Kandi Remix)
    6. Ferry Tayle - The Prestige (Original Mix)
    7. Bolier & Van Riel - Dark Star (Original Mix)
    8. Rafael Frost - Flashback (Original Mix)
    9. Roger Shah feat. Nadja Nooijen - Over & Over (Ferry Tayle 'E-Motion' Remix)
    10. Suncatcher - First Day (Original Mix)
    11. Ferry Tayle & Stonevalley - Battle Of The Barrels (Original Mix)
    12. Vascotia - Verano (Sean Tyas Remix)
    13. Daniel Kandi & Martijn Stegerhoek - Australia (Original Mix)
    14. Fluctor - Coliseum (Manuel Le Saux Remix)

    Pre-order the compilation now from the brand new site Enhanced : Home

    For more information:

    The brand new 2010 Enhanced site: Enhanced : Home

    Check out the latest Enhanced release:

    Right Face - Morning Dew / In Motion : Morning Dew / In Motion | Right Face | Enhanced Recordings | Single | Download |

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    can you order mines in vinyl please ,thank you

    tracklist looks great

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    We catch up with Ferry Tayle ahead of his Enhanced Sessions compilation release, to find out what the on fire Frenchman's been up to of late, his current projects and the all important question - who will win the world cup!

    Hi Ferry, how are you today?
    Hey, I'm fine, just testing my new monitor set up now. I bought a new subwoofer monitor because I was missing some bass & sub bass with my old monitoring, and some of the feedback I was getting was that my sub frequencies are too loud... I know why now. It changed all!

    So I can now rework some of my latest tracks & use this to improve my album work too ;)

    Tell us about your week so far?
    Well crazy week like all weeks currently. As I said, I'm working currently on my new album, that is actually & already my 3rd one (2nd solo) and it's also a looooooooooot of work. Beside I have finish some remixes for Tritonal & Suncatcher and prepare my future gigs too cause I like to make something special for every gigs I'm playing. (Kind of surprise, like playing unexpected track, mainly classic unexpected one, or rework I do from old one) and I just finished the new Enhanced Sessions compilation that was a big work too.

    But it's hard to focus on my work currently, cause I'm a big football's fan, so World Cup rules currently!! (Laugh) And I try to do some sports like running, playing football or tennis, to alleviate the pressure sometimes. It's sunny currently, so I try to go outside between 2 studio sessions.

    Tell us about where you live?
    I live in Strasbourg, in the East of France, near the German borderline. Strasbourg is very well known for being the European Capital. It's a really nice & quiet place with great history. It's a bit famous too for its unique cathedral, with only 1 tower, while in general there are 2 towers.I like to walk in the typical medieval streets, the atmosphere is very cool, and you can easily imagine the medieval time!
    And the region around Strasbourg is full of history too, both of medieval (a lots of old castles), and in terms of World War I & II too

    When you were growing up, what made you want to get into music, and at what point did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?
    Well, my first touch with music was with Jazz mainly, when I was 7 years old, I started to learn Saxophone. I grew up with this kind of music for 2/3 years. No one in my family was a musician. I'm the first one. My parents still don't know yet why I jumped into music, more than something else.
    I remember when I was 6, I went to the south of France with them and during the travel, I read an Uncle Scrooge Comic book, and my eyes were focus on the Saxophone. I said to my parents, I want to learn and play this one ;). I played it for 17 years!

    But around 12 years old, my father bought a CD from Jean Michel Jarre (Revolution's album), and I felt in love with this kind of music. I think it was my first step into 'Trance' music. After that I tried to make small tracks with predefine loops from basic sequencer. I remember that all loops were in the same key, so it was easy to make different tracks with thousands of samples. But my real touch with real trance, was when I discover the Innercity Ad Video Promo on MTV, with these lasers and this amazing sound. I searched during a lot of month what was this huge track...and I finally it was Rank 1- Airwave. After that, i really decided to 'learn' DJing & later, very later, producing. I started DJing at the end of 2000 & produced my first track in 2003/2004.

    What music projects are you currently working on - and how's is your album coming along?
    I'm remixing at this moment Tritonal and will start the remix for the new Suncatcher next week. I also launch a new project with my partner in crime Stephan R, called Pretoria. And I plan to make a brand new project too with Stonevalley, Kai Jee, Stephan R & me. We are closest friends and I thought it should be cool to make some tracks all together.

    Currently my album is going a well. There is still a lot of work to do, but it's a real challenge. I will make & show a lot of different kind of music, not only Trance tracks; you know what I mean, you already heard one of them. But I'm so excited to work on this one, specially on this one, because I will work in collaboration with my friends for one CD, and my own tracks on the other. And joining & working for Enhanced is such an honour for me, so I will try to give my best

    What would you say was your biggest release this year?
    It's definitely Trapeze. It was so amazing when Above & Beyond and Armin played them, but with different mixes. To be Tune of The Week was sooooo unexpected. I couldn't believe it. And seeing Above & Beyond still playing the Arty remix for opening their set, it's absolutely massive.
    I didn't know if I will make a better track this year, honestly - but I'm going to try!

    Which tracks are you must happy with since you started producing?
    Well, I think it's my first release 'Vol De Nuit' that is become, for a lot of people a 'Classic'. It's always strange for me to hear ' Hey dude, Vol De Nuit is pure classic'. The track was released only 4 years ago!

    After that it is track like Proglifter (under my Capetown project, co produced with Airwave), Metaphorique, Revanche and recently L'Acrobat & Trapeze. But I can't forget my remix with Stephan R of the Smashing hit: Midway - Amazon. To be supported a lot of time by the biggest DJ's is such an honour! And voted by the listeners, still more

    Do you have any big events coming up?
    Well, it will be the Luminosity Beach Festival, that is for me one of the best beach festival in Europe currently. I will play alongside name like Super8 & Tab, Aly & Fila, Temple One, Sean Tyas, Leon Bolier and many more... After that it will be the Exchange Of Sound Festival in Poland. It's the launch of new summer festival in this country, and I'm very proud to take part of the premiere. I'm also touring India next month!

    What was your best gig to date?
    It's definitely Trance Energy. I never expected to play in the Temple Of Trance one day, and be picked by ID&T and voted by people to feature on this event. People are coming from all over the world to share their love & passion for Trance and they are always a lot of huge DJs, that is hard to choose, even for me as an artist, which one you're going to see during this night.

    Another gig, but in a smaller room was my Czech Republic gig at the beginning of 2010. The crowd was more than amazing. A really big souvenir!

    Can you tell us about any projects for later this year, other than your album?
    As I said above, I will work with Stephan R. More, in the future, under our Pretoria project. Maybe on an album next year. I want to work more with him cause he is a big help and big part of my success for 10 years now. I think it's time for me to give back to him what he gave to me for a so long time.

    Enhanced Sessions Volume Two, mixed by yourself is out in a few weeks, can you tell us about your mix?
    Well I tried to tell a story across my mix. I combined tracks already released, that I played a lot in my latest gigs & radio show, with some brand new tracks & remixes like Vast Vision, Suncatcher, Roger Shah, ReOrder and many more great producers. I think it will be fit perfectly for the summer

    Do you have any particular favourite tracks in your mix?
    Currently I'm in love with the latest Stonevalley Remix of Angel Ace - St Thomas and the new Vast Vision feat Fisher, which is really brilliant!!

    Finally, who do you think are going to win the world cup - I presume your answer will France! Allez les Bleus!?
    No no, honestly, I don't rate the football quality so far, but I think Germany has the possibility to make it, maybe The Netherlands & UK too, but they need to give more compared to their current football. But my favourite are The Netherlands

    Enhanced Sessions Volume Two, mixed by Ferry Tayle and Tritonal is released on CD via all good stores and digitally on iTunes and Beatport exclusively on July 19th.

    Pre-order your copy now for £11.99 inc. postage or get the CD and T-Shirt pack for £19.99 inc postage - go to our shop to buy it now!

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    Lethal album from one of the best labels around at the min...

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    Trailer featuring some of the tracks on this compilation:
    YouTube - Enhanced Sessions Volume Two - mixed by Tritonal & Ferry Tayle [Tralier]

    You can still pre-order your copy here:
    Enhanced : Home

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