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Release Title: Stuart Millar Feat Emi - Forgive & Forget
Mixes: Original, Instrumental, Mark Arbor, Sunchasair, Txl Pres. Sectoria
Record Label: Proxoz Recordings

His last release "Galactica" on Proxoz was a massive hit supported by almost every name in the A list, such as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules and many more.

We are happy to bring another Stuart Millar record for you this time collaborated with the incredible vocalist Emi Jarvi. "Forgive & Forget" is a bit different from what we always hear from Stuart, but for sure it's a record not to miss.

This pack is remixed by some of the most loved Proxoz artists with totally different styles, so its yours to choose from.

Airbase, Pedro Del Mar, Robert Gitelman, Woody Van Eyden, Krzysztof Chochlow, Les Hemstock, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Arbor, Paul Vinitsky, Suzy Solar, Wandii & Andi C , Dereck Recay, Dimitri Kechagias, George Hales, Joseph Areas, Oceania, Odonbat, Paul Ercossa, Simon Bostock, Steve Anderson, Zaa and more...

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Stuart Millar Feat Emi - Forgive & Forget

01. Forgive & Forget (Original Mix)
02. Forgive & Forget (Instrumental Mix)
03. Forgive & Forget (Mark Arbor Remix)
04. Forgive & Forget (Sunchasair Remix)
05. Forgive & Forget (Txl Pres. Sectoria Remix)

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