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Thread: Ronny K. pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H is OUT !

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    Ronny K. pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H is OUT !

    Out now !

    Buy It :

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    Audiojelly: T.A.S.H. | Ronny K. pres. Advanced | Blue Soho Recordings | Single | Download |

    JUNO : TASH by Ronny K presents Advanced on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

    Trackitdown: T.A.S.H. - John Waver Remix - Ronny K. presents Advanced - [320kbps MP3/WAV File] at Trackitdown

    Hot off the back of a stellar line-up of 2010 releases, we trance on into the European summer with T.A.S.H., a fantastic uplifter from the mr.uplifting Ronny K, under his 'Advanced' alias. Three remixes suit the track to different tastes, while retaining the solid uplifting vibe from the original piece.

    Ronny K pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H. (Original Mix)

    Ronny K, under his 'Advanced' alias, gets the party pumping with the original T.A.S.H., a solid trance track shimmering with quality. Pick up listening to the track from anywhere and you will instantly hear the solid uplifting sound, from the dominant pads to the crunchy high bass-line, and the beautiful chord progression that keeps everything flowing smoothly.

    Ronny K pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H (Sensi Remix)

    First remixer is Sensi, with an angle on the original that entices you to crank the volume instantly. With a thunderous kick and a unique lead sound, it is a track that easily impresses the masses on the dance-floors. Do not be so careless to only dance though; this track also offers a lot for the casual listener as well!

    Ronny K pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H. (Spark 7 Remix)

    Spark 7 kicks off the second round of remixes with a more relaxed starting pace, but wastes no time getting into the emotive side of things. It won't be long before the main riff is well and truly stuck in your head, with a great choice of lead sound. The choir elements starting from the break, combined with the piano sequence up to the climax, really top it off, before the climax takes you away.

    Ronny K pres. Advanced - T.A.S.H. (John Waver Remix)

    Wrappings things up is John Waver, with a great style of typical trance formation fused with choice sounds and ambience. The track hooks you in with its serene build, before a massively energetic sequence gets you moving. Retaining the energy throughout the climax and outwards, this one will pull you to the dance-floor one last time before the release comes to an unfortunate end.

    Supported By : Alex M.O.R.P.H, Arctic Moon, Brian Rogers, Club Nation, Crystal Clouds, Dimension, Distant Identity, DJ Ange, Estigma, G.Ottavianni, Joe Shadows, Jonas Hornblad, Jorn van Deynhoven, Karybde & Scylla, Manuel Le Saux, Matt Abott, Matt Trigle, Nivaya, Ozzyxpm , Peter Patterson, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Timo Prelle, Tom Colontonio, XGenic and many more !

    Enjoy !

    Blue Soho 2010

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    Great production!!!

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    Indeed!!! :D

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    that's awesome track!

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