I am proud to announce the release of the album KOPEIKIN "DIFFERENT THIS TIME"
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Label: Moiko Records
Released:May 18 2010
CD Tracks:
1. feeling strange 128 bpm 6:52
2. just a fool 145 bpm 7:59
3. dropping my defenses 145 bpm 7:37
4. splitting structure 145 bpm 7:26
5. peez punch 145 bpm 6:29
6. what can u do 145 bpm 9:00
7. different this time 145 bpm 7:31
8. harder then it seems 143 bpm 8:11
9. simply better 145 bpm 6:30

About the Artist:
After traveling the world from switzerland uk to japan mexico and brazil as part of the brilliant duo "SILENT HILL",with many releases under label like HOMMEGA,SHIVA SPACE records and also a full length album under the label BNE (with artists like infected mushroom),named "BREAK ME TO PIECES"
which announced by BPM MAGAZINE as:"one of the most powerful debut albums in the genre to date,there is no doubt these brilliant musicians will be breaking the trance mold...",the gifted producer,lior kopeikin who played keyboards and vocals,going out on a new exciting road with a more psychedelic fusion of goa trance and rock elements,in his solo project,with one goal ahead and it is to bring a new age to the world of electronic music.

The album can be bought at following web sites:
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Samples from the album can be heard at the following web sites:
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