DSUK011: The Emissary - Synapse


The word "legendary" is thrown around a lot these days, however we can't think of anything else to describe the artists on this release! Originally released on the wonderful but now defunct Blue Plasma Records in 2005, Texan producer The Emissary takes us on yet another journey through quality progressive breaks. The release also features 3 unique and BRAND NEW remixes from progressive breaks heavyweights His Boy Elroy, Fretwell and Phrakture. This is a celebration of progressive breaks and showcases precisely why these producers were and continue to be top of their game in the genre..


1. Synapse (Original Mix)
2. Synapse (His Boy Elroy Remix)
3. Synapse (Fretwell Remix)
4. Synapse (Phrakture Remix)

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