1. alex & filip ft. alec sun drae - tell me (steve haines remix)
2. liz cirelli - cepheid (andy newland & oscitone remix)
3. steve haines - transfer (uncle roll & weepee remix)

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Mirabilis records celebrates its first year!
To celebrate this we bring you three very special remixes of our back catalogue!
Steve Haines put his hands on Alex & Filip featuring Alec Sun Drae "Tell me" and turns out a massive, summer tinged

prog remix! Keeping the feel of the original but adding his own pounding groove, cleverly chopping up the chord line

and making it even more powerfull; this is a true masterpiece. In addition to all this he uses the vocal parts

majesticaly. Summer anthem, enough said!
Andy Newland & Oscitone - two very hot names at the moment with releases on Baroque and Audiotherapy among other

labels - take their hands on Liz Cirelli's dreamy "Cepheid". Full of warm chords, dreamy and catchy melodies, all

backed up by a strong and driving techy groove. This is guaranteed to really set your dancefloor on fire!
To round things off there is the Uncle Roll and Weepee remix for Steve Haines "Transfer" The guys took this into

deeper territories with warm and deep pads, druggy riffs and a bassline that is deeper than the sea. Late night

Now take some time and check out these fine set of remixes!


Jody Wisternoff: Sounding tight will play def the Steve Haines remix 4/5

Nick Warren: Steve's remix is wicked 4/5

Tom Novy: Like all 3! Great package 4/5

Dave Seaman: Steve Haines remix is cool!

Markus Schulz: thanks, fave track is Steve Haines rmx of Tell Me 4/5

Chloe Harris: andy and oscitones remix is good for the floor.

Mike Hiratzka: Cool remixes, Transfer and Cepheid should work well for early sets

Anderson Noise: Supporting Andy Newland & Oscitone remix! 5/5

Flash Brothers: Steve Haines remix sounds good!

Nomad in the Dark: Newland and Oscitone mix for me. Love these guys. 5/5

Aldrin: Loving both remixes of Cepheid & Transfer 5/5

Sasha Stepanov (Nocturnal radio show with Matt Darey ): Good for Matt Darey 4/5

Miss Nine: Great Release! Tell Me - Steve Heines rmx is the one for me suppport! 5/5

Jim Shaft Ryan: strong tracks! 4/5

Steve Parry: Steve Haines mix is good 4/5

Barry Gilbey (MARA): Really like Tell Me sounds wicked. MARA 4/5

Dubfunk: Steve Haines remix is good. 3/5

Sergio Matina: Groovy work... play & support it!!! 5/5

Matt Black: Steve Haines remix of Tell me is fantastic, great summer vibes! Also like the Newland and Osictone
remix of Cephied, great package overall! 4/5

Ben (Primetime management / Tiesto's A&R ): 5/5
Stefan Bauer: Steve Haines and Uncle Roll and Weepee deliver Cepheid rmx is solid too! 4/5

Richie Hartness: Top drawer remixes of quality tunes! Cepheid, loving the deep edges! 5/5

MOS: Good package overall, Transfer remix is great, will definitely play this one out. Congratulations for the

first year, indeed the first of many to come. 4/5

Matt Cerf: Wish there was a dub of Tell Me remix 3/5

Darin Epsilon: Nice remixes by Steve Haines, Andy Newland & Oscitone. Congratulations on the anniversary of

Mirabilis! 3/5

Adam Roberts: Tell me is so sexy x 10 5/5

Chris Luzz: Steve Haines remix for me. I like the consistant drive and love the epic break. 4/5

Dibby Dougherty: Uncle Roll and Weepee have done a good job here, nice stuff, will play this remix 5/5

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik / Source Of Gravity): Nice work from Andy & Oscitone 4/5

Ran Shani: Nice release guys. Keep it up! 4/5

Kosmas Epsilon: Steve Haines remix works best for me, though Uncle Roll's work is sweet too 4/5

Emilio Vega: Lovely remix by Steve Haines, full support!!! 5/5

Aga Heller: Nice deep tunes! Will suport it in my DJ sets! 4/5

Hans Tavera: Great mixes!, will play them this week 4/5

Francis Preve: Liking the new Cepheid rmx. 3/5

DJ Tarkan: Steve Haines Remix is amazing!! Full support!! 5/5

Neil Quigley: Not really my thing, but thanks for sending 3/5

Dumb Dan: Solid stuff, kinda missing the wow-factor from previous mirabilis releases tho. 3/5

Tim Andresen: Steve's mix is top quality as always! Although not quite what I mainly play out at the moment. 4/5

IGNAS: Look forward to Mirabilis #14 3/5

Marco G: Excellent warm up tracks 4/5

Daniel Mehes: Tell Me (Steve Haines remix) is excellent peak time tune, super quality. but it is too progressive for

my taste hovever the Transfer (Uncle Roll and Weepee rmx) is awesome! melancholic a bit and thoughtfull! nice

one, this is my fav 4/5

Neil Moore: liking tell me 3/5

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta: Hi, Guys! Our congratulations with the birthday! We pick the "Late night stuff" as

the fav here. Nice atmospheric track. Will test it. Thank you for the promo. 4/5

Mark Bale: Will support Transfer in my early hour gigs... Thanks guys! 3/5

Graeme Park: Not wild about these. 2/5

Pena: Tell me rmx is massive. dub version needed :-) 4/5

Holosound: Newland and Oscitone FTW 3/5