DJ Name: Dj Zydus
How long you have been a DJ:
6 months
Style of music played:
I've been an avid listener of Trance for over 10 years starting with the TranceNation compilations. Somewhere along the line I started making my own mixes using MixMeister so I could have all my favorite songs in one mix. Recently (over the past 6 months) I've invested in Traktor and a midi controller to get a more hands on feeling (albeit digital) feeling of mixing, beat matching, etc. and its been a lot of fun. Most of my mixes are heard by my friends and I was hoping to get more feedback by starting to post them on

Dj Zydus - Trance Trippin 02

Playing Time: 1hr 30min 26 seconds

1. Daniel Heatcliff – Phoenix (Dj Observer Remix)
2. George Vemag – Himalaya (Deep Oblivion Good Time Mix)
3. Arctic Moon – True Romance (Brave Remix)
4. Ben Preston ft Susie – This Feeling Inside (Robert Burian Remix)
5. Estiva – Friends And Enemies (Original Mix)
6. Lens Flare – Shutter (DNS Project Original Mix)
7. Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In 2010 (Filo & Peri’s Big Room Revival Mix)
8. David Forbes – Katsu (DNS Project Whiteglow Mix)
9. Ronski Speed – Denva (Paul Vernon Remix)
10. Bartlett Bros vs Mazza – Satellite of Love (Claudia Cazacu Remix)
11. Fred Baker vs Laydee Jane – Renaissance (Fast Distance Remix)
12. David Forbes & Greame Pollock – Traumatise (David Forbes Refit)
13. Suncatcher ft Aneym – Underneath My Skin (Reconceal Remix)
14. DNS Project, Whiteglow, Lo-Fi Sugar – Uncross These lines ft Lo Fi Sugar (Vocal Mix)
15. Will Atkinson ft Nicole Tyl – Forgotten Fields (Vocal mix)
16. Mike Koglin vs POS – Autumn (Neptune Project Remix)
17. Rex Mundi – Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix)

Download: Http Link

I look forward to hearing your feedback :-)