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If there is one thing that is slowly disappearing in the trance scene, it is originality. It is very common for one to have difficulty defining one release from another. We at Blue Soho Recordings make an effort to bring you not only the finest uplifting, but also only the most original sounds. Maximus is one of those tracks that will definitely be repeating in your head for days on end, and that is only the beginning!

Libertat - Maximus (Original Mix)

Libertat makes waves with the original Maximus, an addictive plethora of original sounds and a very catchy melodic sequence. A well -planned progressive trance tune, with a great selection of percussion and bass sequence, Maximus shows no fear in changing the norm, with a slightly slower pace and original lead sound to capitalize on what is a killer track. If this track doesn't grow on you, nothing will!

Libertat - Maximus (Peter Martjin Wijnia Remix)

Peter Martjin Wijnia steps up to the remix role with a more sinister sound to the original. With a slightly different chord progression to Libertat's, and the replacing of the lead sequence with a darker sound, the track can be summed up as atmospheric and vastly different. The sound really pays off, adding a surreal B-Side to the package.

Libertat - Maximus (B.R.U.N.I. Remix)

From the brilliant 'Theme From Nothingness', B.R.U.N.I. returns to the Blue Soho family with the second remix, returning the sound back to its original form, but retaining originality. Keeping the slower pace and swapping the lead sequence for a dominant trance string, B.R.U.N.I. also maximizes on the original piano melody for a more solid melodic sound. Not too bass-heavy, and not too light, this remix makes for very casual listening, as well as very casual dancing!

Liberat - Maximus (Blue Wave & Manida Remix)

Blue Wave & Manida collaborate for the third remix, upping the pace and extending the chord progression. The new melody and extension to the original really adds a new dimension to the original sound. Adding a more uplifting touch to the package, the combination of pure euphoric sounds makes for a great remix

Liberat - Maximus (Drunk & Brilliant Remix)

The final remix goes to Drunk & Brilliant, who throw the trance concept completely away, stripping the track down to its bare essentials for a four-to-the-floor dance remix! Going from trance strings and melody into a club-friendly bass, this track is a cross-bred trance club monster. A shorter length is made up for with the very memorable sounds, and creates a very different closing to yet another beautiful Blue Soho release!

Supported By : G.Ottavianni, Suzy Solar, Arctic Moon, Bissen, Club Nation, Crystal Clouds, D-Mark, Distant Identity, DJ Ange, Estigma, , Graham Gold, Joe Shadows, Karybde & Scylla, Manuel Le Saux, Matt Trigle, Ozzyxpm, Peter Patterson, Simon Bostock, Space Garden, Steve Anderson.