With the World Cup FINAL a few hours away, it's time to commemorate a month of athletes, fans, & vuvuzelas at their best! :-D

Carry the energy forward with the brand new Anthemic release from "Spaced Out Recordings- Special Editions". Download the Anthemic release honoring the players of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with mixes from Steve Birch, Jake Shanahan, Mark Doyle, and Patrick B.



"John Isaac feat. Marcie - World's End" (Spaced Out Recordings)

Support from Solarstone Solaris International, Pedro Del Mar, Judge Jules, Anne Savage, Fabio Stein, (Track of The Month on DI.FM), Kristina Sky, and more!

YouTube - John Isaac feat. Marcie- World's End



10/10 Radio Support/Review on 1mix/danceglobalradio:

"When John and the always superb Marcie unite under the same track the only thing that we can do is open our ears wide and listen with heart and soul. The original is a groovy stylish prog trancer with a lot of feel and positivity. Marcie's deep meaningful lyrics add a whole different dimension too. The best mix and not because is the owner comes from Steve Birch who manage to produce a big room football stadium trancer that I can see being played in summer festivals. The live crowd samples adds that extra atmosphere to it. Patrick B goes for a big room uplifting tech trancer by employing a huge long euphoric synthy riff and Marcie voice on top. Then the tech trance grungy dirty beat comes up. Mark Doyle does a nice uplifting version with acid overtones in a more playfull laidback atmosphere.Finally Jake Shanahan goes the deadmau5 kind of progression in a very well produced feel good prog house meets trance version. This is certainly a release with meaning and nice set of top remixes."


► John Isaac feat Marcie- World's End (Second Sky Remix)
YouTube - John Isaac feat. Marcie - Worlds End - (2nd Sky Remix)

► John Isaac feat Marcie- World's End (Steve Birch World Cup Remix)
YouTube - John Isaac feat Marcie- Worlds End -Steve Birch World Cup Remix.

► John Isaac feat. Marcie- World's End (Patrick B Remix)
YouTube - John Isaac feat Marcie Worlds End Patrick B Remix

(fan photo: Holland Vs Denmark, Soccer City, South Africa)


Vocalist Marcie: Interview @ DRG