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Thread: XMania Psy Prog Goa my Last Set

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    Smile XMania Psy Prog Goa my Last Set

    Name: XMania Psy Prog Goa my Last Set
    Filesize: 166.MB
    Style: Progressive / Goa /Full ON
    Bpm :130 - 135
    Machine:2x Denon DNS 1000
    Record:Sound Forge 9.0
    Sound Card: Maya 44 usb
    Download Set:

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    1.E-Clip-Synthetic Life
    2.Solid Snake-Mazanga
    3.Viram & Icy Sasaki & Strange Doctors-Liquid Sound
    5.Infinity - prepositions of movement
    6.Slow Bit-Time For Prog
    7.Easy Riders-High Spirit
    8.DJ Fabio And DJ Benni Moon-Spoken Words
    9.Invisible Reality-Obsessive (Zyce & Flegma Remix)
    10.Ace Ventura-Cardiac Arrest (Suntree Remix)
    11.Krama-Ex Animo
    13.Psyfly-Versatile Line
    14.Connexx-Symphonic Vibes
    15.Orgon Groove-Sunset People
    17.Re:Actor-Future Zen
    18.Polaris & Tikal-Dynamic Swell
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