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Thread: Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 compiled by Hyline

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    Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 compiled by Hyline

    Various Artists - Ibiza Sampler 2010 (Jetlag Digital)
    featuring: Lemon8, Shane, Hyline & Jaybeetrax, Oliver Moldan, Peter Martin

    A massive project for the Jetlag Digital crew sees it's release this week. A
    total of 28 tracks and 2 full 90 minute mixes all compiled and put together
    by Hyline. The individual tracks available for download here are simply
    staggering. Some of the finest moments from Jetlag's recent catalog as
    well as some exclusive never before released remixes and forthcoming
    material as well. Some standouts from the unreleased material include
    the Lemon8 remix of Oliver Molden's Nocturn, Peter Martin's Remix of
    Relaunch's 'Clear View', Def Digital's remix of Felix Stone's 'In This World'
    and the Hyline & Jaybeetrax remix of Raf Fender's 'Beat Hunter'.

    Hyline's two DJ mixes here are absolutely incredible, there is a 'Club Mix'
    and a 'Beach Mix' to choose from. The club mix really typifies the Jetlag
    sound quite well, dark, driving progressive house that is made for the
    dancefloor. After the groove of the mix is firmly in place some melodies
    are brought into the mix to really send the proceedings into overdrive. A
    real take no prisoners approach and amazing energy throughout the mix,
    the highlight for us on this mix is Hypnotic Duo's 'Eeeah' with it's perfect
    club groove, this track enjoyed a lengthy stay in Beatport's top 100 so if
    you missed it the first time it is also available for individual download on
    this massive pack!

    Hyline's 'Beach Mix' is exactly that, perfect for a seaside atmosphere but
    make no mistake also a club dancefloor. This mix starts of with a bit of a
    deeper vibe and then at around the 12 minute mark you begin to hear the
    magic happen. Beautiful melodies and gorgeous atmospheres begin
    fading into the mix and your senses immediately elevate. The transitions
    between tracks are silky smooth and mixed to perfection by Hyline. It's
    clear that he is led by pure emotion as classy vocals make their way into
    the mix the euphoria and good vibes are sky high. It's also very evident
    from listening to these two mixes that Jetlag as a label and also Hyline as
    a DJ have found a nice middle ground between the darker more european
    progressive sounds and the more accessible melodic house sound which
    is one of many reasons Jetlag's stock is rising at an alarming rate in 2010!

    homepage: ::: Jetlag Digital :::
    Youtube Channel: YouTube - jetlagdigitalcom's Channel
    myspace: Jetlag Digital on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Facebook: Jetlag Digital | Facebook
    Twitter: Jetlag Digital (Jetlag_Digital) on Twitter

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    Here are the two videos in HD quality:

    Club Mix: Hyline's Club Mix JED123 on Vimeo

    Beach Mix: Hyline's Beach Mix JED124 on Vimeo


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    This release is also featured Release on Beatport Genre Progressive House:


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