PLN051 Vermont - Fougth My Way - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN051
Date Release: 2010.06.30
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: Vermont
EP: Fougth My Way
Country: Brazil
Genres: Progressive Goa Trance

Track Name:

1 Truevoice Feat Hyperceptiohm - 07:52
2 Open Eye - 07:26
3 Stucco Feat Hyperceptiohm - 07:46
4 Everlasting - 07:54

Ep description:

Vermont is an upcoming talent from Brazil. Doing a mix between Psytrance and progressive with a warm atmosphere. Not one to follow trends, Rafael combines his unique European influenced drive with todayís character of aggressive beats and pulsating basslines; that keeps you grooving and moving. Vermont, who is rapidly becoming one of the new breeds of producers who is merging Psytrance and techno, delivers a unique remix filled with grooves infused with heavy basslines and drums that captivates the soul.

All tracks are unreleased.
Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

Having grown up in the musical environment since childhood, Rafael Ferrari, the name behind ĎíVermontíí, grew-up listening to the Brazilian musical trends such as Bossa nova, tropicŠlia, Choro, and international musicís like contemporary jazz, Blues, and diverse pop artists in the global scenario.
Everything, always under stern family influence, still young though and in the quest to express himself through music, Rafael studied common keyboard and guitar. While still searching with the aid the internet for trendy things like articles, and whatís actually going on in other musical scenarios, he had thus his first contact with electronic music.
His life changed, at twelve years old, astonished with his discovery, Rafael was overwhelmed on finally discovering what heíd really wanted, the way forward in the world of music.
As from then on the quest didnít stop anymore, started as a Dj, playing in private parties, in no time he grew-up to become a professional Dj, playing in clubs of reputes, public interested in trance parties, big events in the Brazil and earning for the nights, he was only seventeen years old then.
Going through all this, Rafael never hides the will and the interest to be a producer, thus being this, he didnít wait anymore, and he abandoned studying Business administration in the college and matriculated in the only Brazilian Electronic music college.
At work, he didnít stop anymore; he studied, technical synthesis, audio equipments, Logic, Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools, Wave Burner including music theory with the great Brazilian musician Thomas Gruetzmacher, and all the techniques of electronic musical production with hyperceptiohm, a pair very appraised in the Brazilian trance musical scene.
These are Vermontís steps; the project follows a new concept directed to the point. With dry accelerated beats, peculiar rhythms, and great concern in the percussion works. Vermont works with the idea of a progressive trance for the floor, without leaving the environment on one side in pursuit of a psicodelic atmosphere.

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