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SoundLift - My Garden EP

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Our mainhead, SoundLift is a name synonymous with the massive sound in today's trance scene, and never hesitates to uphold his unique uplifting flavour from track to track. At Blue Soho Recordings, we recapture his amazing sound in a three-track EP, once again showcasing his unparalleled talent for emotional and pure euphoric trance!

SoundLift - My Garden (Original Mix)

Welcome to SoundLift's garden !
My Garden is a long-awaited release that first aired in 2009, and the time and effort that has gone into the perfection of this piece is quite evident from the very start. Powerful uplifting basslines drive the track forward, while the melodic touch eases over the solid percussion. Piano takes the emotive sounds further, before a massive climax sweeps the track back into action. It really is the piano and melodic hook-line that makes this track special, which are both plentiful and creative.

SoundLift - Against The Wind (Original Mix)

Against the Wind keeps the SoundLift pace with a more solid piano element and melody into the breakdown. The climax keeps the pace flowing evenly, with more layers of sound gathering for a real hands-in-the-air moment. It is the piano sequence in this track that makes it very memorable, and do not be surprised if it gets stuck in your head for days beyond!

SoundLift - Boavista (Original Mix)

Boavista reforms the SoundLift vibe with a more 2010-ish sound, slightly more progressive but still rich in uplifting flavour. Strings are the aim of the game here, with a powerful sequence carrying the track into a beautiful break. The climax retains the energy carried into this breakdown with an equally powerful melody that carries on towards the outro. The nature of the track breaks the trance repetition well, keeping the listener engaged and interested.


Blue Soho 2010