Heard a great choon on a couple of days ago, but cannot remember the show or the name of the track. It was played a lot and I heard many different remixes of it, it has some very characteristic features to it so I hope I can describe it well enough for someone to know ^^

It had a strong classic lead synth that started to shake/vibrate strongly shortly after each note was hit. The melody went in a 16beat pattern like this:
High note for 4 beats
Down a few steps for 3 beats
Down for 1 beat
Up note for 4 beats
Then 3 rhytmic Down - down - down notes over 4 beats

It was followed by a really crazy takeoff, with loads of noise in a wicked synth sound that was sort of sidechained and almost 16th-arpeggiated with a rhytmic pattern.

Not too sure about this one, but i think that closer to the end of the tune, the bassline followed the melody in a VI - VII - I fashion, for those that know music theory - very classic bassline, F G Am for instance.

Cheers yo, really hoping to find this one :D