01. Silence (Original Mix)
02. Silence (Club Mix)
03. Silence (Timo Juuti Remix)
04. Silenec (G-Tek Remix)

Label: Nellie Recordings
Cat #: NELLIE061



Andrew Playton’s addition on Nellie Recordings unlocks a whole new exciting chapter on the label! With his latest release, “Silence”, Playton shares us his unadulterated progressive house sound, a sound he has been perfecting in the past years. In addition, the release package comes with the Club mix, a remix from Panama-based producer, G-Tek, as well as a remix from the Finnish club heavyweight, Timo Juuti!

Silence, the original mix, caters a very sweet and comforting sound. The starry leads, creamy-smooth arps, subtle yet uplifting strings, and the upbeat composition of the track are the highlights of this track. Moreover, Playton hands-over a second version of his craft, which is unquestionably a first-rate alternative— the Club Mix.

G-Tek, for the third track, proudly gives Nellie Recordings his remix on “Silence”. This rendition from the Panama-based producer is a track filled with smashing kicks and basslines, a steady build-up, and of course, a very tranquil climax!

Timo Juuti provides a remix that surely gives the proper closure this release deserves! In contrast to his other works as a producer, the Timo Juuti remix of “Silence” is one magical soundtrack that simply leaves a smile on our faces. You definitely do not want to miss the enchanting piano climax from his remix!

Having Playton on the label makes everything sweeter— support “Silence” today!

Selected Feedback:

"Original is awesome!" - Jaytech

"Timo Juuti remix works for us! nice release!" - Super8 & Tab

"G-Tek Remix is absolutely banging!" - Mark Pledger

"Timo Juuti Remix ftw!" - Marcus Schossow

"Supporting the Club Mix. 7.5/10" - Menno de Jong

"All over G-Tek mix - thanks!" - Ad Brown

"GREAT PACK!!! My next podcast will definitely have the Club Mix in it " - Shawn Mitiska

"Lovely release yet again, Club mix & G-Tek for me here" - Luke Porter

"Another great signing from Nellie! This is really good music. I would not be surprised if Playton becomes the next big thing in clubland." - Darin Epsilon