Mikas keep you summer alive with two Pumping Progressive Anthems!

Mikas Moontribe is ripping it with a thumping warm bassline laced to superb guitar and piano riffs and atmos to make this a winner!

Mikas Untouchable uses driving tribal percussions with pumping toms and a uplifting progressive riff to take you to higher state of mind!

Early Dj Support:

Markus Schulz - really nice, thanks (Untouchable)
Garet Hemery - Nice EP here from Mikas (untouchable)
Mr Sam - good one . support (Untouchable)
Andy Moor - untouchable sounds cool (Untouchable)
Paul Trainer - Untouchable is a cool track
David Lam (Kaleidoscope, Hong Kong) - Very Kool (Untouchable)
Suzy Solar - Great release! I will be supporting Moontribe, Untouchable,
Darrin Epsilon - Pretty consistently good tracks in this EP. Mikas has a very distinct sound. 2010 is proving to be a big year for him.
JAY (DJ RAM) 'Untouchable' will support to the max!!!
Flash Brothers (CR2, Armada) - good progressive track! Will play! (untouchable)
Chloe Harris (Mashtronic Rec., Proton Radio) - untouchable is very nice and happy
Sasha Le Monier - Thanks for sending over, Untouchable is my pick here, thanks!
Frank (Partysan Germany) - nice tracks. moontribe is my fav.
GET IS EXCLUSIVELY ON BEATPORT: beatport.com/s/t5s4mf
Samples on SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/progressive_grooves/sets/mikas-moontribe-untouchable

YouTube - Mikas - Moontribe