Terry Da Libra
Enchanted Waters

01. Enchanted Waters (Original Mix)
02. Enchanted Waters (Something Good Remix)
03. Enchanted Waters (Ayleon Remix)
04. Enchanted Waters (Trim The Fat Remix)

Label: Nellie Recordings
Cat #: NELLIE062

Listen/Buy: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...chanted_waters


Leuteris Pimenidis, more known as Terry da Libra is without a doubt, one of Greece’s hidden treasures! We first spotted Terry on Nellie Recordings with a glistening remix of Something Good’s “La Biankini”. Now, he is back in full-force with his latest masterpiece, “Enchanted Waters”! Making the release much more exciting and meaningful, Something Good, Ayleon, and Trim the Fat contribute their own creative interpretations of the track.

It is true that music can take us to places we have never been to before, and music from Terry da Libra always put this statement into play. “Enchanted Waters” is one magical piece that really captures what Terry’s sound is all about— bliss, emotion, and harmony.

We get to hear the denser-sounding side of the Finnish duo, Something Good in their remix of “Enchanted Waters”. Next up, another Finland-based tandem, Ayleon crafts a version that effortlessly lives out the vivid details “Enchanted Waters” with its very emotional, sunset-inspired guitar climax. Last, but definitely not the least, Nicky Howard delivers a very groovy Trim the Fat remix while still retaining the tranquil vibe of the original track by Terry da Libra.

“Enchanted Waters” will definitely take you to new boundaries! Let this precious gem be heard around the globe— support this release today!