Artist: Amir Atme
Title: The Outsider
Record Label: Proxoz Recordings
Exclusive on Beatport: 13/08/2010
Release Date: 27/08/2010

Beatport Link:

Youtube: YouTube - Amir Atme - The Outsider [Proxoz Recordings]

• Radio Support (to date):

Roger Shah on Magic Island 118.
Lange on Intercity 049.
Rank 1 on Radio Rush 005.
Pedro Del Mar on Mellomania Deluxe 445.
tyDi on Global Soundsystem 036, 037, 038, 039.
Karanda on Diversity 188.

• DJ’s Support:

Airbase, Ernesto vs Bastian, Jon Obir, Lange, Rank1, Pedro Del Mar, Robert Gitelman, tyDi, Roger Shah, Andrea Mazza, Anhken, Arctic Moon, Danjo, Krzysztof Chochlow, Mat Amar, Les Hemstock, Maarten De Jong, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Arbor, Michael Angelo, Mike Shiver, Mr Pit, Perceptive Recordings, Steve Birch, Suzy Solar, Tenishia, The Flyers & Mike Sonar, Wandii andi Andi C , Yuan Bing , Amadeus, Dereck Recay, Dimitri Kechagias, Etnosphere, Faruk Sabanci, Joseph Areas, Immoral Monkeys, Louk, Melle Bakker, Oceania, Odonbat, Raneem, Rossco, Simon Bostock, Stuart Millar, Zaa.

• Reviews:

Dimitri Kechagias (1mix/DanceradioGlobal): The label boss as it seems has in his pocket the strongest release so far on Proxoz. Progressive melodic smooth beats that work so well along with that fresh teenage sounding vocal. It has drive and the quality that you get on the big labels in the scene for sure. Tyson remix continues his great reputation as one of the hotest australian trance exports and Dennis keep the Germany's name really high with an awesome remix. impossible to choose the one that i like most, i simply like all of them.

• Comments From DJ’s/Reviewers:

Mike Shiver (9/10): ******* BIG remix from Dennis Sheperd!!!!

Maarten De Jong (8/10): Tyson diorr!! mix fully loaded playlisted!!

Airbase: (8/10): Tyson Diorr Remix , Edgy remix, i like it!

Suzy Solar (8/10): Great Dennis Sheperd remixes!

Joseph Areas (8/10): Very hard to choose but I think the Tyson Diorr aka Tydi Remix
takes the cake.

Steve Birch (8/10): Amir Atme - The Outsider (Tyson Diorr Remix)Loving this mix

The Flyers & Mike Sonar (9/10): wicked release ! something of this going to be on our
next chart + playlisted on our radio show.

Simon Bostock (9/10): Great tracks - love the progressive-ness of Tyson Diorr!

Krzysztof Chochlow (9/10): I Cant Wait to play It on Electrocity 2010!

Amadeus (9/10): Great vocal prog tune! Supporting 'Tyson Diorr remix'!!

Wandii & Andi C (10/10): Both the tyDi and Sheperd remixes push out buttons.. Awesome choices for remixers!

Zaa (10/10): Fantastic tune!![/size]

• Press:

The man behind Proxoz Recordings, Amir Atme finally delivers his brand new single that has been in the making for quiet a while, but as they say good things take time specially with the fusiness Amir has for releasing his own tracks.

The Outsider is yet another unique trancer with great vocals and lyrics which have a very strong appeal and a dark side to them, so this is a track you can enjoy while you are in a club or just chillin in your car or home.

The Outsider includes 2 extremly exciting remixes.
First one comes from Australia's #1 & the world #52 DJ that has also been nominated as best breakthrough DJ for 2009 in the IDMA Dance Music Awards, DJ tyDi. In this release tyDi will appear for the FIRST time under his brand new band name "Tyson Diorr", so keep an eye on this name so you know whos behind it.

2nd Remix comes from one of the most wanted producers in the trance scene right now which is Offcourse, Mr Dennis Sheperd. You just cant go wrong with this legend so get yourself ready for a treat.

Enjoy the release.