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Thread: Missing Marcus Schossow Episodes (130, 132)

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    Missing Marcus Schossow Episodes (130, 132)

    As many Schossow fan's may have noticed; Episodes 130 and 132 did not air here on AH.FM, yet, still were broadcasted on Terrestrial FM Radio. Any plans to fit these in on a [REPLAY] type thing?

    I know 130 didn't air due to: Emphase Recordings Day, but not sure what happened with 132...

    Just curious

    Keep up the great work AH.FM!

    [EDIT] Realized the topic for 132 said "Not Uploaded" [/EDIT]

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    hi mate marcus did not upload to me those episodes... if they are uploaded we will play it... maybe they were supposed to air on a 5th week??

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    I was afraid you were going to say that ... No worries

    Thanks for the quick reply!


    Get Dan the "lost" episodes :p

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    i found 130 & 132 in net, and im searching for tracklists ((

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