OUT NOW: BLISS - Bliss This EP (Drive 2010)!

Artist: BLISS
Title: Bliss This EP
Style: Psychedelic Trance

Sound & Order:


1. Groovatron
2. Animalz


BLISS - Bliss This EP (Drive 2010)


The meteor known as Bliss is making his final decent in to the planet's atmosphere with this earth shattering EP, BLISS THIS.
This Ep is a teaser that preludes his upcoming project, his next artist album. This Ep has two new original Bliss tracks that are tailor made to suit the needs of the psychedelic traveler.
Once plugged in, the ever changing structure and array of sounds and rhythmic diversity will dazzle you and send you off on that all familiar journey to your favorite place of mayhem,
Keep your hands in the car at all times and keep your seatbelt on as this vehicle is going from 0 to 145 in a blink of an eye, flying you to your destination of Bliss, so Bliss This!!


Sound & Order:

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