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01 PEDRO DEL MAR & BLUE TENTE you left (alexei zakharov)
02 ENRGY 52 caf del mar (claudia cazacus)
03 JASPER FORKS river flows in you
04 ESTIVA the kingdom (tech mix)
05 MASOUD ft LAURIE blinded
06 REORDER ft STINE GROVE biscay bay
07 SUNLOUNGER ft INGER HANSEN breaking waves (richard durrand)
08 AGULO ft DAVID BERKELEY fire sign (will holland)
09 SASHA VIRUS ft DILARA i still fall (matias lehtola)
11 STORYLINE ft ANTHYA crystal sky
12 MARCEL WOODS tomorrow
13 FIRST STATE butterfly effect
14 STANISLAV BETA ft JULES will i ever (matias lehtola)
15 A V BUUREN ft SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR not giving up on love (dash berlin 4am)
16 LEON BOLIER ft FISHER by your side i will be there
17 A V BUUREN ft SHARON ADEL in & out of love (kenny hayes blue sphere)
18 DAVE DEEN journyman (reorder)
19 DANIEL KANDI pres TIMMUS symphonic

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