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Thread: Why hasnít this community embraced .cue files?!

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    Why hasnít this community embraced .cue files?!

    I donít know about you guys, but I listen to a handful of podcasts, and donít want to waste time/have to guess what track Iím on when I stumble across a song I want to download. I like to split up all the major podcasts using cues from Unfortunately (most) of the podcasts on this site are not on there.

    For those that donít know, cue sheets are little files that can allow for large podcasts and mp3 to be split up by tracks. If you open up a cue file in Notepad, you will instantly understand how to create one yourself. You then use the cue file with a program like Medieval CUE Splitter to split up the large mp3.

    I really want to become part of this community, but this is a crucial element that stops me from downloading any podcats over here.
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    Hello there thank you for your post, this is a online radio, with DJ sets all around the globe, DJs upload these sets without cue files, and that is what we play.

    Were not here to provide cue files but to stream best trance music You can always create your own cue files.. more on this here: How to Make a .cue file or .cue sheet
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    "a crucial element that stops me from downloading any podcats over here" Dude?... it would be very convenient to have cues, but... it's about the music and on the're widely regarded simply the best (trance) sets!
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    It's about the community, the legal responsibility and many other factors that make this a great place and worth while being a member of.....

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